Non-Traditional Financing - FlexPay PLUS® "No Credit Needed Financing"

Which Customers Qualify?
Most customers qualify. In fact, our industry high approval rate insures that more submitted applications are approved. If your customer has verifiable income, a valid social security number and a current bank account, almost certainly, they will be approved.
What are my fees with FlexPay PLUS®?
Merchants are charged a low discount fee on every funded deal. This isn't much more than many discount fees charged in credit card processing. The only other fee is a nominal one time enrollment fee, which we guarantee your satisfaction. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs.
How do I let my customers know that my business provides FlexPay PLUS®.?
We will supply point of sales marketing pieces at no charge. We also can provide a link to your website for FlexPay PLUS®. We recommend you include "No Credit Needed Financing" in your advertising and in your dialogue with customers.

Traditional Financing - Credit Check

What if I already have conventional financing available to offer my customers. Are there differences in companies in regards to which customers are approved?
Yes! Every lender has their own established guidelines and criteria for approvals. Some lenders are very strict; having multiple finance sources can make a difference in obtaining more approvals and more sales.
Do merchants need any additional equipment for your traditional finance program?
No! Your existing computer is all you need.

Business Funding

Does my business need to provide financial statements and personal guarantees for business funding? My business has shown a loss lately and my personal credit is poor.
In many cases, We have merchant advances that require no financial statements, profit, or a guarantor's good credit. For this lending instrument, you do not have to charge credit card processors.